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Phu Quoc sea ​​cucumber  is one of the delicious , used since the reign of King, The ancient medicine also used this kind of medicine in the treatment of impotence, physiological weakness male. Sunshine Winds offers Phu Quoc sea cucumber for restaurants, households in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in the country.

Many of sea cucumbers: white ginseng, black sea cucumber, ginseng sea cucumber, white sea cucumber, blood ginseng sea cucumber...

Phu Quoc sea cucumber is a suitable gift for relatives, friends, customers ...

  • Origin: Phu Quoc, VietNam
  • Add: 1/2 Chien Luoc, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Telephone: (+084) 0909.936.248  

Sell dried fresh sea cucumber

The effect of fresh sea cucumber Phu Quoc

  • Nutritional benefits: Nutritionally, sea cucumber is high in protein (up to 55%), low in fat. Protein composition includes many essential amino acids for the body such as glycine, arginine, leucine, alanine, glutamine, tauri. Ginseng also contains many useful trace minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, iodine, chromium ... than other marine species. Recently, scientists have studied and discovered in sea cucumbers Vietnam's Holothurin B has many valuable bio-effects.
  • Renal insufficiency, suitable for cases of multiple sclerosis, impotence, urination many times at night: scientists have demonstrated testosterone in dry sea cucumber 400 times higher than the amount found in chicken. Testosterone, in medicine, plays a decisive role in whether or not men are "masculine" and "masculine".
  • Elderly people at night often urinate, debilitated youths, ginseng, and then combined with meat or drugs such as paint, memory ... or stew general to make eat, will have good effect.
  • Blood donation, often used for cases of anemia: According to research results of modern nutrition, sea cucumber is one of the foods with nutritional value very rich. Chinese scientists estimate that every 100 grams of dried sea cucumber contains 76 grams of protein, five times higher than lean meat and 3.5 times that of beef. Ginseng also has high levels of precious amino acids such as lysine, proline ... and many trace elements such as P, Cu, Fe ...
  • Support for the treatment of cardiovascular disease: Because it contains very little lipid and almost no cholesterol, sea cucumber is ideal for people with dyslipidemia and coronary artery disease. Ginseng replenishes essential amino acids, trace elements help the body fight fatigue, enhance immunity, increase resistance to the body, improve oxygen absorption, anti-fatigue.
  • Treatment of hypertension in elderly: Most cases of hypertension in elderly people due to negligent nephropathy, use 20 g sea cucumber, 100g rice or 20g sea ginseng, weight 12g, 100g rice, cooking porridge to eat. shining.
  • Support for the treatment of diarrhea (diabetes mellitus): nourishing sea cucumber, many proteins, no cholesterol, so very convenient for diabetic diet. People with diabetes, can use sea cucumber sauteed bean (white beans). Healthy ginseng, kidney beans have "slow sugars" to help glucose-less blood fluctuate after meals. Pea pods for chromium minerals are essential for the regulation of glucose.
  • Ginseng is effective against muscle fatigue, maintaining high activity state; against aging; increase the activity of the nerve and increase reflexes, stabilize the psyche. It has unique therapeutic properties such as ginseng.
  • Cancer treatment support: There are many vitamins, hormones, biologically active substances in the holothurian, including 2 types of saponins (RG (nervous excitability, fatigue and physical strength) and Rh (inhibits cancer cells).
  • Body detox: In seaweed contains Se - a wonderful antidote, which disables heavy metals entering the body through food (such as lead, mercury) to release into the urine.
  • Neurological depression: 100g sea cucumber, lotus seeds 200g, honey 50ml. Ginseng, dried lotus seeds, dried powder, use honey bean training corn drying, each drink 6 tablets with boiling water to cool.
  • Renal impairment, the elderly debilitated, cold hands and feet: sea cucumber 20g, goat meat 120g, ginger 10g. Spicy, cooked, cooked hot meals.
  • Sore itch: sea cucumber 100g, sesame oil 150ml. Dried ginseng powder, add sesame oil, mix well, apply daily.

Treatment of sores: sea cucumber, dried, powdered, applied.

Eating sea cucumber is good

  • Many of you wonder if eating sea cucumber is good. Sun Wind responds that eating sea cucumber is good for health, especially for children, the elderly, the sick, As discussed above, sea cucumber has quite a good effect on health, so you Guests are assured of using natural sea cucumber from Phu Quoc.

Ginseng processing is quite delicious nutritious, Sun Wind please share some delicious dishes from sea cucumber:

  • Fresh ginseng fried with mushrooms
  • Cucumber sauteed bitter ginseng:
  • Fried cucumber with sweet peppers
  • Cucumber soup
  • Bring pork chopped hardwood earrings
  • Ginseng ginseng ginseng
  • Goat steak with goat meat
  • Gingerbread cucumbers
  • Cucumber slices
  • Cucumber Sauteed Black Pepper
  • Cucumber with Mushroom Shrimp
  • Canh Hai Ginseng Chim
  • Cucumber Soup
  • Ninh Hai Ginseng Frog
  • Ginseng Chicken Soup
  • Cucumber Om Mushroom

What sea cucumber is delicious? This question will be answered with dishes made from sea cucumber

1) Sea Cucumber fried


  • Blueberry (100g), tomato (100g), 1 carrot, 2 teaspoons minced garlic, 1 tablespoon oyster soup, 3 tablespoons 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, half a cup of broth, spices.

Processing fried sea cucumber:

  • Tomatoes and mushrooms, cut carrots, cut broccoli, cut ginseng slices clean
  • Non-aromatic garlic, for all vegetables in fried medium to medium-sized, large lighters for sea cucumber in stir fry quickly. Add the broth and season with oats, sugar and seasonings 
  • Finally, add some water to make the match, turn off the kitchen. Let the plate, sprinkle coriander, hot consumption. 

Sell dried fresh sea cucumber

Where to buy fresh sea cucumber, cheap in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang?

  • You want to find a reputable supplier to buy fresh sea cucumber for delicious home cooking, please come to Sun Wind , you will be consulted heartily and get the best fresh sea cucumber suitable for needs of the family. Sunshine Wind has made a long time in the supply of sea cucumber for households, restaurants, so the quality is guaranteed and the price is the most reasonable.

So you know where to buy fresh sea cucumber delicious then.

How much fresh sea cucumber is 1kg?

  • You want to refer to the price of fresh sea cucumber how much money 1kg, call the Sun Wind to be consulted and know how much fresh sea cucumber price as 1kg because sea ginseng depends on different types such as white sea ginseng black sea ginseng, sea cucumber ginseng, sea ginseng gin, sand sea ginseng are different.

How much dry sea cucumber 1kg

  • You want to refer to the price of dried sea cucumber how much money 1kg, call Nang Gio for advice and know the price of sea cucumber dry.


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